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A Sit Down Interview With The Newest Employee at The Futon Shop in Pleasant Hill

The Futon Shop In Pleasant Hill
The Futon Shop In Pleasant Hill

Spotlight On Marcelo At The Futon Shop In Pleasant Hill

Born and raised in Martinez, Marcelo started working at The Futon Shop two months ago, but is no stranger to selling furniture. He spent many years employed at Pottery Barn and now has joined The Futon Shop Team along side his manager Perry. He is easy to talk to and eager to learn about the  many products we offer: including over 33 organic and green futon mattresses, sofa bed frames, modern couches, and platform beds.

TFS: When you are not at The Futon Shop how do you spend your time?

Marcelo: I spend most of my time volunteering at Concord's Food Bank and I study at Diablo Valley College.

TFS: What have you found different working here at The Futon Shop than working at Pottery Barn?

Marcelo: I was surprised how some customers come in and get comfortable checking out beds. There was one customer that came in a couple days in a row and would take off his shoes and he actually fell asleep while checking out our mattresses. It looked like this customer really looked forward to taking a little nap on our futons and felt very comfortable taking his time.

TFS: I guess that other customers interested in futons can expect the same treatment while you are there? They can relax and take their time.

TFS: What is your favorite futon mattress?

Marcelo: By far the  Natural Plus Organic Latex Mattress is the most supportive and comfortable futon.

TFS: This is one of the most popular futons in our organic mattress line. The soft organic latex, four inch spring core and organic cotton makes it feel like sitting on a cloud while providing support for your back.

TFS: How about Frames. What style do you like?

Marcelo: I like the sleek and modern lines of the armless Dillon Wallhugger Futon Frame

TFS: That is also a very popular frame. It is functional because it saves space and at the same time has a great modern design. Welcome to The Futon Shop Marcelo.

 Come into the The Futon Shop in Pleasant Hill and see for Marcelo for the best selection of futon mattresses, sofabed frames, and platform beds. 

Soft Viscose - Memory Foam Spring Futon Mattress

Soft Viscose : Soft

Memory Foam Spring Futon Mattress | Memory Foam Mattress Los Angeles

The Soft Viscose futon mattress is a soft feeling mattress that'll put anyone to sleep. It consists of 733 4" individually pocketed coils, two 2" layers of high density foam, 2" layer of Tempurpedic Viscose Memory Foam, and a mix of natural virgin wool and natural Egyptian staple cotton. The Soft Viscose has been made for uses on both a futon frame and platform bed frame. It's a comfy 8" thick mattress, and  will last 15-20 years with everyday use.

The Futon Shop of Concord/Pleasant Hill
548A Contra Costa Blvd
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


Matrix Pillowtop Leather Fabric Sofa Bed

Matrix : Leather Pillowtop : Sofa BedMatrix Modern Convertible Futon Sofa Bed Sleeper Black

The Matrix sofa bed has a European 'click-clack' feature, which easily turns the sofa into a full/double bed. Not only does the back fold down, but the sides fold up and down as well to give the sofa armrests. The Matrix can be in a sitting, reclining lounge, or sleeping position. It is available in a Jet Black and Chocolate Brown

The Futon Shop of Concord/Pleasant Hill

548A Contra Costa Blvd

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Folding Foam Beds

Folding Foam Beds

Custom folding foam beds availabe in hundreds of color combinationsFolding Foam Bed Black 5inch Trifolding

Also known as Shikibutons, our folding foam beds include a removable and washable cover, which is available in a variety of colors. You can choose between a 3.5 inch and 5 inch thickness. The 3.5 inch thick folding foam bed is available in sizes Single through King, while the 5 inch folding foam bed is available in Twin through King.

Modern & Traditional Folding Shoji Screen Room Dividers

Shoji screens, Room Dividers, Folding Screen
Shoji Screen Room Dividers work perfectly, allowing light to pass through, while your privacy is still kept. We offer many different styles of Shoji Screens with different designs on them, and are some are available as a three or four panel screen. There are also different wood finishes for the screens, available in a Cherry, Maple, Oak, Black, and Black Walnut finishes. Shoji Screens a sleek and stylish, and work perfectly as a decoration in any room as well.

The Futon Shop of Concord/Pleasant Hill
548A Contra Costa Blvd
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523


Phiten Performance Mattress - Renew Collection

The Renew Phiten Organic Futon Mattress Collection is designed for use on Sofa Beds and Platform Beds for everyone in your home and family.

Rejuvenate your body naturally while you sleep just like the Pros. This Mattress Collection, allows your body to relax leaving you feeling Renewed and Revived plus every mattress has been infused with Phiten’s AQUA-TITANIUM®. Organic, Green, and Chemical Free Futons and Mattresses designed for those with active lifestyle. Train hard and rest easy. Handmade in San Francisco - Good For Your Environment... Good for Your Family... Good for You.... That's what The Renew Phiten Futon MattressCollection is all about.

Jamaica Sofa Bed

Jamaica : Sofa BedJamaica slip covers available in a variety of colors for $60.00.
The Jamaica is a versatile sofa bed that is able to be enjoyed on in three different positions. It can be sat on as a sofa and can be laid on as a bed and as a lounger. The Jamaica is available in nine bright and vibrant colored covers, which are all stain resistant, and also includes two matching colored pillows. The Jamaica is a full/double size, and can sleep two comfortably.

The Futon Shop of Concord/Pleasant Hill
548A Contra Costa Blvd.
Pleasant Hill, CA. 94523

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